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Shiny Mew in Pokémon GO A Comprehensive Guide to Masterwork Research, Release Date, Tasks, Rewards, and Bonuses

In Pokémon GO, the elusive and highly sought-after Shiny Mew has become the center of attention for trainers worldwide. This guide will walk you through the process of obtaining Shiny Mew through the Masterwork Research questline, providing key details on the release date, ticket price, tasks, rewards, and bonuses associated with this exclusive opportunity.

Masterwork Research Overview

Masterwork Research is an exciting new feature introduced in Pokémon GO that offers trainers a chance to embark on a special questline dedicated to Mew. The culmination of this research grants trainers the coveted Shiny Mew encounter, making it a highly desirable experience for Pokémon enthusiasts.

Release Date and Ticket Price

The Masterwork Research questline featuring Shiny Mew is scheduled to be released on July 6, 2023,10 AM to July 12, 2023, 8 PM local time. To participate in this special event, trainers are required to purchase a ticket priced at US$5.00. This ticket grants access to exclusive tasks, bonuses, and rewards throughout the questline.

Tasks and Rewards

The Masterwork Research quest line consists of a series of tasks that trainers must complete to progress toward the ultimate goal of encountering Shiny Mew. The tasks vary in difficulty and will challenge trainers to showcase their skills across various aspects of gameplay.

Here are some examples of tasks that trainers can expect to encounter:

  • 1. Catch a certain number of Pokémon from specific habitats.
  • 2. Battle in raids or participate in Gym battles.
  • 3. Earn a certain number of Buddy Candy.
  • 4. Spin PokéStops or Gyms a specific number of times.

Completing each task will reward trainers with unique items, experience points, and progress toward the Shiny Mew encounter. Keep in mind that certain tasks may require trainers to explore specific locations or participate in limited-time events.

Bonuses and Exclusive Rewards

Trainers who embark on the Masterwork Research questline will be treated to various bonuses and exclusive rewards throughout their journey. These rewards can include rare items, such as special Poké Balls, Rare Candy, TMs, and even encounters with other rare Pokémon.

Additionally, trainers will have the opportunity to unlock avatar items, badges, and other cosmetic enhancements to showcase their achievements in obtaining Shiny Mew. These exclusive rewards make the Masterwork Research questline a unique and memorable experience for dedicated Pokémon GO players.

Here are the tasks and rewards of the various stages of the All-in-One #151 Research:

Stage (1/4)

Get a Platinum Kanto Medal51x Ultra Ball
Send 151 Gifts to a Friend1x Poffin
Make 151 Great Throws1510 Stardust
5100 XP
1 Premium Raid Pass
1510 Stardust

Stage (2/4)

Catch a Pokemon 30 Days in a Row51x Ultra Ball
Catch 151 different species of Pokemon1x Glacial Lure
Catch 30 Normal-type Pokemon151 XP
Catch 30 Fire-type Pokemon151 XP
Catch 30 Water-type Pokemon151 XP
Catch 30 Grass-type Pokemon151 XP
Catch 30 Flying-type Pokemon151 XP
Catch 30 Fighting-type Pokemon151 XP
Catch 30 Poison-type Pokemon151 XP
Catch 30 Electric-type Pokemon151 XP
Catch 30 Ground-type Pokemon151 XP
Catch 30 Rock-type Pokemon151 XP
Catch 30 Psychic-type Pokemon151 XP
Catch 30 Ice-type Pokemon151 XP
Catch 30 Bug-type Pokemon151 XP
Catch 30 Ghost-type Pokemon151 XP
Catch 30 Steel-type Pokemon151 XP
Catch 30 Dragon-type Pokemon151 XP
Catch 30 Dark-type Pokemon151 XP
Catch 30 Fairy-type Pokemon151 XP
5100 XP
3x Rare Candy
1510 Stardust

Stage (3/4)

Reach Level 404000 Stardust
Spin 151 PokeStops3x Rocket Radar
Complete 151 Field Research tasks3x Super Incubator
Walk 151 km151x Ultra Ball
Catch 1510 Pokemon1x Incense
1x Lucky Egg
1x Star Piece
Shiny Mew encounter

Stage (4/4)

Claim reward1510 Stardust
Claim reward5100 XP
Claim reward1510 Stardust
3x Charge TM
20x Mew Candy
Shiny Mew shirt


With the introduction of the Masterwork Research questline, trainers now have the chance to embark on an epic journey to obtain the highly coveted Shiny Mew in Pokémon GO. By purchasing a ticket, completing challenging tasks, and unlocking exclusive rewards, trainers can enjoy a truly remarkable experience that celebrates their dedication and skill. Prepare yourself for this extraordinary adventure and seize the opportunity to add Shiny Mew to your Pokémon collection.

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